every family matters

The families who give matter because through them we are able to directly change lives, and in return they blessed for being a blessing. The families who receive matter because they are God’s creation and deserve to have the security of a home, and their lives are drastically changed because of it. Below are some of the stories of those who gave and those who received.




Cody and Kerry Hambrick 

Thank you Cody and Kerry Hambrick by using realtor Bryson Swiggart . Donations were made to make it possible for widow Pamela Onyango Olwendo and her 2 children to have a new and safe home. Making a difference 1 home at a time!#HouseforaHome


Kyong Cha Kim

Thank you Kyong Cha Kim! Your donation and real estate transaction with Bryson Swiggart has made it possible for Margret Odhiambo and her 5 children to have a home with a good roof to last them a long time! Her husband passed away last year from pneumonia. #HouseforaHome


Doug and Pam Dreyer

A BIG Shout out goes to Pam Dreyer and Doug Dreyer because of their generous donation to#HouseforaHome lives have been impacted! Maureen Atieno has 2 children and has been a widow for 2 years. She has never had a home and is in need of a job. Thank you for#doingforotherswhattheycannotdoforthemselves .Bryson Swiggart


 Jan Espeland

Ken Otuoma is a young widow with no children, he did not have a home nor the resources to have a home. A sincere THANK YOU to Jan Espeland for giving a Christmas Gift/Donation, on behalf of her family, to #HouseforaHome Ken now has a home and will be able to thrive because of the stability a home provides. Liz […]


Ryan Johnson 

A BIG THANK you goes to Ryan Johnson and your clients! Widow, Christine Achieng and her 4 young children are thankful for their new home you made possible through your donation to #HouseforaHome. Her previous home was destroyed by a fire. Bryson Swiggart #changinglives1homeatatime

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