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Our most current project and partnership are with Houses with Hope, who builds homes in the Nyando area of Kenya, Africa. The housing deficiency in Kenya is well over two million and rising each year. Houses with Hope has a goal to build 5000 homes for the thousands who live in the bush due to being displaced by in-country violence.

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House for a Home is a non-profit organization that focuses on creating resources through the every day real estate transaction that enables us to build a home for the homeless around the world. Our plan is similar to the 1:1 model of TOMS shoes, except with houses.

We partner with every person in the real estate transaction: agent, buyer, seller, title company, lender, and on to raise enough funds to build a home for someone in need in another part of the world.

Our first global partner is in Kenya where the need is great. We are able to build a home there for only $800. When everyone comes together in one real estate transaction, it becomes very easy to raise enough funds to build a home for a person who is homeless, and in turn change their life forever.

The person who receives a home from us will usually be a widow who does not have a home, and many times will take in orphans, or a family who has been separated because they don’t have a home, and through our generosity their family is reunited.

Those who want to partner with us receive marketing materials and donation forms to be used to share and present information to their clients, and to get their partners on board with them. We are working to create a clear, smooth path starting with marketing and “selling” to potential clients, all the way to contract and then to close.

We have created a path to track every $800 donation given, to the home that is built and the family it is built for, and this does some exciting things. First a picture of the recipient family is taken in front of their new home, and then that photo is shared with you to present to your clients who gave the donation. This gives a direct connection for your client and the difference their gift has made. It also creates a great connection with you and your client for future referrals, as well as it creates great stories to share on social media for you and your marketing for your own business. All donations are tax deductible as well!

Contact us today and become a part of the House for a Home Global housing movement. Don’t just make a dollar. Make a difference. Together we can make a difference, one family at a time.

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